Rainy Day Spa llc

About The Practitioner

Courtney has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2006. I became interested in massage therapy during my teen years. My family would tell you that I have been known to walk up to you and randomly massage your scalp, neck, back and shoulders just because. My family was always supportive in me become a massage therapist even before I realized it was the career path I wanted to take. While in college studying a TOTALLY different career field I realized what I was studying wasn't' what TRULY interested me. I was drawn to massage therapy this career path was something I could see myself doing the rest of my life. After much research I started school at Health Master's School of Massage located in downtown Houston studying under the amazing inspiring Phil Carker in September 2004. While studying under Phil's supervision I realized that this was EXACTLY where I was suppose to be.

After completing my 300 hour certification and becoming licensed January 2006 I dove into learning as many modalities as I could think of in order to build my modalities.  At Houston Community College I took SEVERAL classes that have really molded my career. Those modalities include Oncology massage (64 hours), Sports Massage (64 hours), and Hot Stone Massage (16 hours). I've also received 48 hours certification in prenatal/postnatal massage. My goal as a massage therapist is to not only be able to assist the ultra marathoner but the mommy-to-be or the individual going though cancer treatment. Massage therapy is beneficial in every stage of life it truly is for everyone.